Healthy food… it’s what we do.

Over the past several months, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about our school meals program. How we do what we do… why we do what we do?  I’ve been thinking a lot about it.  Why are we successful when others struggle ?  The simple, quick answer is passion.  We have assembled a team of workers who are passionate about feeding kids healthy food.  But aren’t most school nutrition personnel passionate?  I have met many who share our passion and vision.  We do work hard.  I work hard.  Our staff work hard.  We adapt, we change, we innovate, we adjust.

The School Nutrition Guidelines that are part of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 are challenging.   School Nutrition has become a political hot potato, which is sad, because it has made feeding kids so unbelievably complicated.   The battle about the guidelines rages on.  Move forward with the guidelines or roll them back?  Whole grains or no whole grains? Fruits? Vegetables? Sodium?

For years, I have thought about blogging about this…  and so, here I go.  I know nothing about blogging.  It is, if nothing else, a place to catalogue my thoughts and ideas.  A place to debrief after an exciting or a stressful day.   And maybe I’ll even share a few pictures and recipes.

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